Last Updated 04 March 2023

SAKAN platform (Website: / Application on IOS "apple store” and Android system / Social networking accounts [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube] under the name of SakanOnline) is owned and managed by Bright Combined Company for General Trading & Contracting (referred to as "Sakan Platform", or "We") intended to allow users of SAKAN platform to browse the real estate advertisements as a user of this system (referred to as "user", "you" or "your").

You then hereby acknowledge that your use of this system for any reason, including the conduct of transactions ("use / using") is subject to the terms and conditions set forth below, which include without limitation effective links to other related sections such as, Home Page, About Sakan, Sign in/up, Privacy Policy, Contact us and so forth (referred to collectively as "Terms").

We have the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Any such changes shall be deemed effective on the day on which they are posted on a SAKAN platform system (Check the last modification date at the top of the page). Therefore, you must read the terms each time you use the system. By accessing SAKAN platform and registering an account or using the services provided by Bright Combined Company for General Trading & Contracting on the platform, you hereby agree to be bound by the terms. In case of disagreement with all or some of the terms, you must stop using SAKAN platform.

Terms and Conditions for using SAKAN platform:

Must take into account the teachings of Islamic law in all data entered in both ads or member/user data and any violation of this will lead to the deletion of the ad may lead to cancelation of the account.

Agreements or business transactions (selling, buying, renting or otherwise) are conducted between the two end parties (advertiser and browser) directly and without any liability or interference from the SAKAN platform.

SAKAN platform holds no responsibility and prohibits:

 For inquiries or suggestions, you can contact SAKAN platform management directly and in all the ways available detailed on our contact page.

SAKAN platform or any individual involved in the preparation, production or distribution of any material in this system does not bear any liability/responsibility for any direct or indirect moral or material damage arising from the use/not being able to use this platform or from any error or deletion or defect contained therein or from the incorrect information provided by it or from any delay or interruption in the broadcast.

The Arabic version of the Terms and Conditions is provided in the English language, but the Arabic version is the only one approved. Moreover, if there is a conflict between the Arabic version of the Terms and Conditions and any other translation thereof, the Arabic version is the primary reference.

Terms of registering an Advertiser account:

  1. Only valid and active local mobile phone numbers will be accepted by the system. Landline numbers, exchange numbers, and international numbers will not be accepted.
  2. The system should be informed of the advertiser's type (owner, real estate office, company, etc.).
  3. The personal or business name of the advertiser should be entered. If the advertiser does not want to disclose their name, the system will automatically select the term "default intermediary" or describe them as "owner, real estate office, etc."
  4. The use of inappropriate advertiser names or ambiguous letters or numbers is not allowed.
  5. Choose a suitable password to protect your account. We are not responsible for the weakness of the password and the ability of others to use or hack it.
  6. Subscribers are allowed to change their mobile phone number after registration and after contacting us to verify the validity of the new number.
  7. Ensure the accuracy of the entered data and continuously update it.
  8. If the terms of advertiser account registration are violated, the account will be closed if the provided information does not comply with the mentioned conditions. Therefore, all listed properties in the account will be suspended from publication.
  9. The advertiser acknowledges that their contact information (mobile phone number or email address) added to the system may be published according to the account type on the Sakan platform, so the other party can communicate with them and complete the business process. Therefore, the Sakan system is not bound by the confidentiality of this information. The advertiser is fully responsible for everything related to them and what they enter the system.

Types of accounts:

  1. Basic account: In this account, the advertiser's name, profile picture, and contact information (mobile phone number or email) are published.
  2. Partner account: In this account, the advertiser's name and profile picture are published without the advertiser's contact information (mobile phone number or email).
  3. Default broker: In this account, the platform is authorized by the advertiser to publish the property and complete the transaction with the other party, but the advertiser's logo, profile picture, and contact information (mobile phone number or email) are not published.

Terms and conditions of the free advertisement:

The advertiser acknowledges that they authorize Sakan Real Estate Platform to market these properties for sale or lease under the virtual intermediary account. The advertiser agrees, upon completion of the sale or lease transactions, to pay the agreed-upon marketing fees to the platform as indicated in the free ad package for each property unit sold or leased through Sakan.

Terms and Conditions for Adding a Property in the Sakan System:

  1. Specify the type of service (rent/sale) and the type of property (residential/commercial/land/recreational) and the specific classification for that type (apartment, house, land, villa, etc.).
  2. Mention the rental or sale price.
  3. Add the address, which consists of the province, city, and plot number. In this case, it will appear to users as an approximate address. It is preferred to provide a detailed address by adding the street name, avenue number, house number, and unit number, to show the actual property address and its location on the map.
  4. At least 3 pictures of the property should be provided, including one from the outside, all of which should be clear and free of any logos, text, or, if the property is land, one image.
  5. In case the property is commercial/investment (shop, office, floor, basement, or store), the building area must be mentioned. If it is land, the land area should be mentioned. If it is a villa or a house, the land area should be mentioned and preferably the building area as well.
  6. A clear and comprehensive description of the property should be provided by writing the description and choosing the specifications from the system such as the number of rooms, bathrooms, areas, and other available options that correspond to the property type.
  7. Links to social media sites or anything unrelated to the property itself or even an advertisement for another property are not allowed.
  8. When adding any advertisement, it should be ensured that it is added in the correct location, province, area, section, and sub-classification, etc., and all advertisement data must be truthful.
  9. If the advertisement violates any of the conditions, it will be rejected, and the advertiser must verify the conditions and add any missing information.

Terms of an advertisement if photographed by Sakan staff:

  1. All the conditions precedent to add a property.
  2. Add measurements for the property and / or its parts/annex (if available).
  3. Add video (if available).
  4. Add a rough outline of the property (floor plan) (if video and measurements are available).
  5. Adding a virtual tour.



Terms of Account Management and Real Estate Ads:

Individual Ads:

The duration of the property advertisement is thirty (30) days, starting from the date of publication.

The duration of the property advertisement is determined according to the type of subscription and starts from the date of publication.

Featured Ads:

The duration of the featured advertisement is seven (7) days, starts from the date of payment.

Only advertisements published on Sakan Platform have the right to preference.


The subscription period is (1) calendar year starting from the date of payment.

The number of ads available for each subscription is by subscription type.

The validity of publishing all ads ends at the end of the subscription period.

The period of examination and publishing of the advertisement in Sakan Platform is (48) forty-eight hours’ maximum, starting from the date of addition or modification of the advertisement to the modifications or accompaniments made by the advertiser. Maximum three (3) working days if photographed by Sakan staff, starting from the date scheduled.

The advertiser is entitled to modify the price of the property only for the advertisement that has been published and is not entitled to change the original of the advertisement or replace it with another property.

The consequences of violating these terms & conditions:

  1. All financial fees for the services in Sakan Platform system are non-refundable and no refunds will be made to the advertiser. However, the financial value paid can be retained and the advertiser has the right to reuse them within the time period available after fulfilling the aforementioned conditions.
  2. The real estate advertisement must comply with the following:


  1. The advertisement should contain at least the following information:


  1. Disclosure of property information - at a minimum - according to the following:


  1. The real estate advertisement on the electronic platform should contain the following minimum information, in addition to the information mentioned in item (2):


  1. Without prejudice to the competencies of related authorities, it is prohibited to include in real estate advertisements any of the following:

The following are exempted from the application of the regulations: